Historical background

M&L CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD is formally established on 2rd March 2010. Previously, it had been known as ‘Kobell Construction Co.’ since 7th June 1996. Along those years, Kobell Construction Co. mostly involved in bridge construction and road building. After several years of incorporated, Kobell Construction Co. decided to convert it into Sdn Bhd whereas the directors in the company remain unchanged. In fact, this company has more than 10 years experience in construction works and civil engineering works as well as machineries rental service.

Operational Excellence

A key initiative of this company is always have enough resources and materials while implementing a project, allowing the company to maintain high operational capability. This is due to the fact that Mr Chai Min Liong not only is a managing director for M&L Construction Sdn Bhd, but also director for Min Liong Hardware Sdn Bhd. The latter company involve in trading and sales of building materials as well as hardware. Thus, quite a strong backup for M&L Construction since there is no worry for the materials.

The founders

Mr Chai Min Liong played role as managing director in the company. He mostly involve in the government tender and quotations. Besides, he is responsible in applying licenses that are awarded by government bodies He is the one who manage the company to run smoothly and successfully. On the other hand, Mr Chai Ming Chue is the contractor that responsible for the civil engineering works and the outside work. He makes sure the workers can complete the awarded job within the contract period. Besides, he arranges the schedules and duties of workers.

Nature of Business

The company mostly involves in civil engineering works such as; bridge and ramp construction, road building, road upgrading and surfacing, culvert installation, building, land clearing, drainage works, pipe laying, earthworks, and other ancillary works.

Besides, the company also provides heavy machinery rental services complete with or without operator.

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We had done over 250 projects from scale small to large mainly for government and private sector.


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